Day 142: The Good Wife S0101

The Good Wife S0101

We’ve finished watching the original Twin Peaks series from 1990 and we were at a loose end. With such an intense schedule of feature films, I often fall back on highly-regarded television series. The last two weeks have been enjoyable shows of a really raw, soap opera that sent itself up, while also embracing the fact it’s almost on-the-nose – but in the most lovable way – taking the story into dark, nightmare territory, similar to David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986).

Tonight there’s a number of options – twenty or thirty shows we’ve heard good things about. It was time, we agreed, to dip into The Good Wife. If something lasts seven seasons then there’s a lot of dedicated followers. Hopefully they’re not the same dedicated followers who kept Murder, She Wrote going for so many years.

We watched three episodes back-to-back and it was good. The pilot in particular.