Day 162: Bunnings – not a film – just a warehouse (2017) + L’Eclisse (1962)

Bunnings – not a film – just a warehouse (2017)

This was a trip to get a cable and/or fitting to connect outdoor Christmas lights to an indoor power source. I piggy-backed this visit to get some boards for the broken roller shutters. What resulted was a ridiculous evening where Ali set up reindeer and a Christmas tree, and I cut pieces of black material to match the windows for which the roller-blinds no longer work.

That’s a longer story than any human on the planet would care to hear.

L’Eclisse (1962)

How different is this film? I can’t believe he (Antonioni) works without a script. The dialogue and the ideas are so exact in their treatment, that it defies belief that he doesn’t know what he’s making, despite the words he uses in interviews.