Day 176: Early Morning ‘Blow-Up’

Early¬†Morning ‘Blow-Up’

A surprise on a Saturday morning. A parcel from Amazon (USA not Australia). It is the arrival of the majority of the DVDs I need to finish this project. One of the them was Blow-Up. This is ironic as at last I thought I had written the last words about my eighteen days in Antonioni – heaven – hell – bliss.

The great frustration as seen in the things below was that I didn’t get to watch the film that so frustrated me during my university days and compare it with Avventura, Notte, Eclisse, ZP and TP which I have watched during December 2017.

It arrived today, I set up my USA player and watched it tonight, having spent five or six hours writing about Zabriskie Point and The Passenger last night. I thought I drew an underline after the last sentence, but I’ve had to erase it.