Day 230-235: Berlin Alexanderplatz Episodes 6 – 14

Berlin Alexanderplatz  Episodes 6 – 14

The next week-or-so, starting tomorrow, will find me caught up watching the rest of the 930-minutes of the longest movie (or one of them) ever made. I’m away for almost a week without Wi-Fi. I’ll be in Huskisson and Manyana, NSW. I’m going to buy an all-region player from JB Hi-Fi today so I can keep playing Region A blu-rays while I’m travelling, on the various television screens I come across.

It’s a very bad time to try and do something like this. I took my big screen computer with me around the Outback (in the Subaru Outback) and watched several films. I also took it down the South Coast NSW where three friends are doing a triathlon. Having Wi-Fi is now such a part of going anywhere that to go on a trip and not have Wi-Fi for days, or a week, is unheard of – almost.

For three days in January, in Mumbil, NSW, I didn’t have phone reception, let alone Wi-Fi. Then in Mildura and Broken Hill, I couldn’t get the Wi-Fi to work. I just had to make myself content with making notes on the computer, to upload later.

Now, down the South Coast, there’s no Wi-Fi at the house we stayed in for three days, or at the home I’m staying in at Manyana for the next three days. luckily my All-Region blu-ray player is working an I can watch the rest of this 15-hour film, whilst also taking time to film some, hopefully, amazing footage for my big movie, The Year of Broken Glass, coming to a cinema near you in 2020. Or maybe going nowhere at all, never seen by anyone other than family and friends.