Day 350: ‘Dad, Kids, Adam, Sloane, Fritz, David, David and Francis… and Claude’ 2018

Day 350
Friday 15 June 2018  11.50pm
‘Dad, Kids, Adam, Sloane, Fritz, David, David and Francis’ 2018

Dad came over last night and we watched The Hunt for Red October. It’s one of my favourite films. It’s one of the few films I can watch – and anticipate – every two or three years. Like The Princess Bride or On the Town or Die Hard or Victor/Victoria or Jaws or Citizen Kane. I think it is cleverly plotted, marvellously directed, astonishingly photographed, beautifully acted and memorably scored. It also, amazingly, keeps me intrigued even though I know what the next line of dialogue will be several times. It’s one of those films that asks the question: ‘What other films do you keep coming back to – and the well is never dry?’ I think Ratatouille and Bolt earn that distinction as well. And The Birds. And Psycho and Marnie and Singin in the Rain.

Kids need picking up and need to be transported home asap. I need to entertain them and feed their voracious appretite because I have guy to see about a job.

Adam, the guy I need to see, is going to go arrive at 4pm and look at my plans to build a nose-bleed podium for 5 more cinema chairs at the back of the theatrette.

Sloane, the tennis player who is in the Women’s French Open final from two days ago. I don’t know who won and I want to watch it. I IQd it on Foxtel.

Fritz, the great German director, whose reconstructed film I watched last night, and haven’t written about yet.

David, the Artistic Director who is waiting for an email from me in response to his invitation – and a ticket – to a concert at the Opera House on Sunday.

David, the renowned film critic and author, who has offered to screen Letter from an Unknown Woman at the end of June so I can complete my 100 Films.

Francis, the director of tomorrow night’s movie, Apocalypse Now (Redux), to which I’ve invited no one yet. It’s such a great film, that 10 people need to come. I need to send out invitations tonight.

Life rises up some days and slaps you over the head and doesn’t let up. It slaps and slaps and you can’t find a moment to think about the other five important things you have to do or the ten emails you haven’t answered.