Day 359: ‘State of Origin Game 2’ 2018

Day 359
Sunday 24 June 2018  10.59pm
‘State of Origin Game 2’   2018

It’s not about film – but NSW won a three-game series vs QLD, 2-0, with a third to play. Woo-hoo!

Most Australians would understand the reference although a  lot of Australians follow AFL or Rugby Union, or no sport at all. Watching these three games every year is as important to me as going to the SCG Cricket Test Match in the first week of January every year. A film on the Big List missed out due to this.

However, I did watch large sections Shoah, Episode 3 and 4, again, to find the reference to hope. One person was a Jew, a survivor, and the other person was a guard or someone who knew what hope meant to those imprisoned. I watched a lot of both episodes and couldn’t find the reference. I’m very disappointed as I can’t finish my essay without finding these words.