Day 362: ‘Big Day, Biggest Day, Most Huge Day’ 2018

Day 362
Wednesday 27 June 2018   6.13pm
‘Big Day, Biggest Day, Most Huge Day’   2018

The fourth last day of this project (yes, I know you know it’s fifty-two weeks and coming to a close) was one of the most extraordinary of the whole shebang. Rattling, as I am, towards the end, there is nothing elegant about the way I’m pulling into the station.

I’m heading for the finish line, but, if any film sequence best sums up my approach on the final straight, it is that of Lightning McQueen from Cars (2006). I’m running out of petrol, my tyres are blowing, and I’m a wreck on wheels, lucky to scrape over in a three-way tie.  If you’re wondering what’s at stake and what the three-way tie is, its:

1) the original plan
2) my goal [and]
3) my ego [to complete it]

Of course, everyone’s most recent experience, is always the one that is most real. “This is the worst cold I’ve had in (<insert number>) years.”  “I’ve never been so sick.”  “I’ve made the most wonderful connection I’ve ever had with (<insert name>).”  “This was the best day of my life.”

Looking at my entire life, I would say – today – this was a day that
a) was as exhausting as the most exhausting one I can remember (excepted the day my mum died and the all-nighters I pulled to record scores for films),
b) took me furthest and widest to watch three films (97km up and 96.2km back)
c) challenged me to achieve the most basic duty a parent can be required given the circcumstances – to turn up to a parent-teacher appointment for each child – two – and take them to piano lesson – and read about VERTIGO for 2-hours
d) face-planted me with watching three great films in fourteen-hours
e) confronted me with two of the most horrific war films – in the space of fourteen-hours
f) (potentially) risked my life (and others) as I chicken-nodded all the way from Leura to Sydney, fatigued beyond belief
g) afforded me a second opportunity to listen to David Stratton, the teacher, introduce a film – and interact with David Stratton – the film historian, academic and critic – the individual – and watch a film in his own theatrette. The introduction wasn’t on SBS or in his History of Cinema course – but in his home.

Not a bad day’s effort I reckon, all things considered.

So, what did I do?

Good question!