Day 87: Comparing BFI & TIME’s 100 Greatest Films

Comparing BFI & TIME’s 100 Greatest Films

Today, I did an analysis of the films TIME magazine published in 2011 and those Sight and Sound (BFI: British Film Institute) published in 2012. Time magazine’s list was compiled through a discussion (not necessarily in person) between their two main film critics (who are also historians and academics in any true reckoning), Corliss and Schickel, whereas the BFI’s list was compiled through a calculation of votes – statistics with little regard for a foundation of any common ground. Or an acknowledgment of the uncommon ground. In fact, when any director or critic voted for a particular filmmaker’s best film, we don’t know if the voter has seen two, three, or thirteen of those filmmaker’s films.

I wrote an essay today, illustrating the fundamental difference between the validity of two critics’ judgment over 846 critics from all over the world.

Sight and Sound claims their list is the highest marker of excellence. Time magazine attributes their list to two people. It’s the result of the two main people who look at film and offer an opinion, which Time magazine has published for decades.

I hope to publish the critique tomorrow if Time magazine allows me to use some images to illustrate my observations.