Day 89: AWOL


Today I just wandered off into my own blue world. I went outside into a new world where people experienced a life beyond shutters and a beam of light projecting images onto a screen.

I listened to music, mostly my own from one hundred years ago (or so it seems). I sat down and worked out every shift in mood; I took a note of the minutes and seconds from my 1988 work, Wired. I hope to marry those 12 minutes of music with some of my images which I’ve shot in 4K

Then I listened to Simon’s two works for that album. Then I listened to two of Jerry Goldsmith’s non-film music orchestral works on CD.

Gosh, that was an amazing four hours. Then I felt sad for a long time, as I missed Simon, because we both wrote music for Music for Pianos Percussion and Synthesizers, and because we almost wet ourselves when someone recorded Goldsmith’s classical works and we got to hear it.