Day 343: ‘Business meeting at 4.30pm – Bills still need to be paid’ 2018

Day 343
Friday 8 June, 2018  10.01pm
‘Business meeting at 4.30pm – Bills still need to be paid’   2018

I’m in the busiest part of the year but I still need to consider what happens on July 1 when my 52-week project is over. Where does life go next? One possibility is to work ad-hoc with a Sydney Classical Ensemble on a concert by concert basis. It feels like I’m meeting with the founders and trying to find a way where they could afford me, when they can’t actually afford me, when I’m in my Music Producer, Director, Webstream, CD Producer, role. I like them enormously and they have real talent. David has a beautiful tone and Maria has lightning fingers and a tone that I can see can be developed beyond where she is now. Confidence and understanding the action of a piano – as she explained it to me – a few weeks ago, as designed by Steinway, make a piano have a certain ‘feel’ or ‘touch’ or ‘response’ to finger pressure. Sometimes it seems like this kind of talk has entered into the city of Wanksville but it hasn’t because different pressure on a piano key has a different effect on the production of that – or any other note – just like a tennis player has a racquet full of strings to hit the ball to any point he/she desires. The more perfectly they hit the ball in the part of the racquet and strings determines the point where it arrives on the other side of the court.

Working with Maria on Visions Fugitives showed me that she has the capability to play the same notes, completely accurately, with a different feel. And that she understands the arc of a piece, as it builds, unleashes its beauty, and makes a beautiful noise.