Day 101: It’s one hundred days + putting up with the mother! (2017) observations today

It’s one hundred days

It is an achievement, to be here, and have done what I’ve done. Woohoo!

putting up with the mother! (2017) observations today

I’m tentatively posting my observations about the film (mother!) which tries to tell the story of creation, Adam and Eve, sin and love and death and destruction and ultimate annihilation.

I’m so happy that – however bizarre the changes to the Old Testament – a piece of art is questioning the sense of the events in the Bible as are generally accepted. Whilst there are people exploring and making movies debunking Christian faith, this a film which explores the (out of fashion) literal events, but as an allegory, created by a poet, through inspiration.

mother! is a title, and an expletive. I get the sense that Aronofsky is using the word as a way of venting his frustration about a world that doesn’t make sense. The title is a swear word. That’s why it has an exclamation mark.