Day 11: 10 days down – 355 days to go

10 days down – 355 days to go.

As if yesterday’s effort wasn’t enough, I decided, a week ago, to schedule Fanny and Alexander as my Tuesday Ingmar Bergman challenge. Wow. Long. Wow! Extraordinary. Extraordinary and amazing.

And amazing on so many levels. I’m thinking about how it fits amongst Bergman’s other films, and its position as such a favourite amongst film directors in the Sight and Sound 2002 (#22) and 2012 (#16) survey.

I couldn’t just turn the equipment off and go to bed. I needed to sit with the memory of Fanny and Alexander, which then became a memory of The Seventh Seal and Persona and let my mind wander. All three films are so arresting. In your face. And to think my brain took all of this in, within a period of less than 36 hours. I’m coming to an understanding of Bergman’s place in film history, and I’m interested to watch more.