Day 129: ‘My Life and My Films’ by Jean Renoir 1974 + City Lights 1931

‘My Life and My Films’ by Jean Renoir 1974

Received this book in the mail as well as the book written by Scott someone on Renoir( – McDonaugh?). Started reading them both simultaneously: a few pages of one then a few pages of another.

I deliberately didn’t do what I normally do, which is to look at the index and pick out the subject or films I’m most interested in and dip into the book whilly nilly.

Today, was also the day when I had some other things happen which were important to me: my daughter, Charlotte, got her Medallion in assembly this afternoon from her school (an honour that doesn’t happen for most students in her year) and then we performed our piano duet at her 5pm lesson in front of her piano teacher. I thought I’d be perfect but I was nervous and made a couple of mistakes. I was probably more nervous and performed it with more mistakes than Charlie did.

City Lights 1931

Decided to watch the great Chaplin film tonight instead of waiting until next week when my Dad next visits. I tossed up between the two and thought that he’d probably enjoy Modern Times better. I wanted to watch both equally.

Gosh! City Lights is the best (most-consistent) Chaplin film I’ve seen. It is the steadiest of the films – I’d even call it terrific – integrating sequences that don’t really relate with others and yet creating a relationship that while tenuous is acceptable in a narrative sense. It has some funny things and some lovely things.

I wonder if 1970s’ critics and 2010s’ critics can compared humour on an equal footing?