Day 130: Badlands 1973

Badlands 1973

Tonight, feeling – more than normal – I’m running behind schedule, I added another stand-alone film to this week’s attractions. Started watching it despite the other feelings I’ve got going on. It was good. Very naturalistic (which I think is the highest praise I can think of).

I have to return the book to the library on Thursday, and I’ve had it for three weeks already, so its best I watch it now. Very nicely photographed and I was impressed by the direction which was obviously filmed on-the-run, in a low budget style, and yet looked terrific.

I have now spent so much time reading the Renoir book on his life and the films in his life, that I’m neglecting the blog. That’s why there’s hardly any entries. I’m writing a mini-biography of Jean Renoir based on his memoir. I’m breaking it down into:






He’s a very interesting man.