Day 141: Moana and the kids + The REAL DEAL with the original Blade Runner

‘Moana and the kids’

My wife went to a baby shower and left me with the kids. Normally that’s something I can cope with. Today, drinking a glass of water at 2pm set my stomach complaining. Weird.

I set the girls up, asking over and playing with the next door neighbour’s kids, and then gave the thumbs up to watching Moana for the 124th time in the last six weeks. These days they say “it’s all good” when it isn’t. My body told me to stay horizontal. I obeyed for an hour then disobeyed – got up and sat up – and played a version of Toy Story Rummy with Charlie. A funny tummy is a bad feeling.

The REAL DEAL with the original Blade Runner

Tonight is the night I revise my thoughts on Blade Runner and upload the observations. This is a very deep film with a level below the surface which has escaped me for decades. It’s a film which sets the hero (Deckard) up as the one to feel sorry for, and then undermines that with a character who is at first glance, the enemy, and then becomes the unsung hero (Roy Batty).

Blade Runner is a film with an underlying complexity that has previously been unrecognised which I now understand more fully.