Day 156: A Time of Reflection and Monopoly

A Time of Reflection and Monopoly

Not a lot of writing. Just thinking about how the characters of Betty and Diane fit in with Rita and Camilla and the fact that the dead body in Number 17, Diane Selwyn, with long dark hair, is in no way like any visual representation of Naomi Watt’s character. Asked my wife why she thinks the dead body is Betty/Diane. Why is she dead? There’s nothing to suggest suicide because of Rita’s rejection of her. What’s the money for, that Rita had with her in the car crash? Surely, the killer who is cleaning up the witness to the car accident, and the cowboy, a threatening figure, have something to do with the dead body in Selwyn’s apartment. Suicide is a long stretch (my wife’s idea) given that the causes of death are more likely murder, or the effect of a head-on car collision.

But how could Rita have wandered into Diane Selwyn’s apartment? And if Naomi Watts is Diane Selwyn, why did the neighbour who swapped apartments with her.

When the family got home from Christmas shopping at 5pm it was time for Charlotte’s new obsession, Monopoly.