Day 163: The Life that Blotted out the Moon and the Sun

The Life that Blotted out the Moon and the Sun

I want to write about this particular film – L’Eclisse – but I’m consumed by overwhelming emotions that people say about my situation.

A STORY (by Philip Powers (c) 20171210)

Jack had a friend, Crazy Joe, who was The Man Who Was Magic. That was his secret name – which no-one ever said – but his name was Not Yet, to me, or Crazy Joe.

He manipulated situations where he controlled the amount where his different friends could interact, and where he would allow – deign – to allow them to interact.

Crazy Joe was crazy but he didn’t know it and no one ever told him.

He left me alone when I needed not to be.

Crazy Joe had a good heart. His only problem – significant – was a lack of providing himself with the chance to chat about things girls were struggling with, with boys.

Crazy Joe was living a life that was all about Crazy Joe. Every day, every Joe, it was all about him. Not Jack or Jill.