Day 205: The Downside + Australia v England

‘The Downside’

The upshot is that my personal name is blacklisted and I need to find a new host. Because my own is persona non grata the best option now is to choose another name with a different host and transfer the content to the new – uninfected – domain name. I bought (and I don’t know how to transfer all the formatted content.

I also have to prove that any Malware is not on my site, and it might not be, because I might have been caught up in a broad ban against my host.

It’s a matter for another day.

Today I’m hosting the Annual Robards Cricket (ARC) Day. Have to be at the SCG by twelve to get the best seats in the Members Stand.

‘Australia v England’

I’m back at home. The other four guests are at the ground watching Australia require a moderate-level miracle: several fours or sixes off the last 6 deliveries. It’s been done – rarely.

My recently diagnosed sucrose-intolerance has led to me feeling a lot less nauseated. There’s been less bloating. Some days, my stomach almost returns to a little belly instead of looking seven-months preggers.

In thirty-four years I’ve never gone to the SCG to watch a day’s play and had to retire hurt. Today I did. I am sick as a dog.

The Arabica coffee bean has measurable levels of surcose in it. Mostly I’m fine with coffee from most places, including the pods at home. Sometimes when I’m out I get a reaction. I had coffee at 1230 and by 2.30pm I was ill.

I gave up at 5.30pm, left the SCG and went home and lay down praying for sleep until the worst had past. At 9.30pm I got up and chased the evening’s play on Foxtel.

Tomorrow is Day One of Phil’s Outback Adventure with B and C.  A is staying in Sydney as she has to work. God help me.

p.s. They won. We lost.