Day 230: Film Course, Week 1 + The Best Man 1964

‘Film Course, Week 1’

Just about to head out to attend the first week of a twelve-week course in films from around the world, made in 1964 and 1965, with David Stratton lecturing in the Edgeworth David building at Sydney University. Starts at 1830 and goes until 2130.


The Best Man  1964

This was the first of the 12 films over 12 weeks. Very good over all aspects including the politics. Really well made. Excellent performances.

What an unusual film to have – chosen by David Stratton – as the film that represents American filmmaking in 1964.

It’s a very tough film about accepting the tooth and nail, dog eat dog, aspect of politics and filmmaking where deals are done to give the candidate the support they need to win. Sometimes the human stories of the little people caught in the rush to bury someone else are actually the stories which celebrate the unacknowledged efforts of the great ‘unwashed’.