Day 264: No Entry + ‘Busted ribs’

No Entry

Still unable to sit in a chair and type.

‘Busted ribs’

On Monday, I went for lunch and a walk in Kurin-gai National Park with a close friend and had a fall. I jumped down into a gap between large rocks rather than risk a medium jump between the two big rocks. I was thinking about being careful instead of being my usual self-assured goat. Normally, certain I’d make the leap perfectly, I’d have just looked, judged and jumped. I knew I had slippery soles so I did something rare, and exercised caution.

I tried to slide and jump down (1.5 metres) to a patch of ground the size a tea-towel. I misjudged the depth, my feet didn’t land properly and I fell sideways about two-feet and landed on the rock on my left, on my ribs.


I was driven to a Medical Centre then to a place that could do x-rays at 7pm then heard there were no fractures so we headed home.