Day 276: ‘Hidden’ 2018

Day 276

1 April 2018   0026

‘Hidden’  2018

Yesterday at about 4am I started watching a film called Hidden (2005). It’s one of the offbeat films which occurs on some of the lists of Best 100 Films. I’d just written a highly emotional email to a friend that will change my perception of my place in the world, forever. I needed to do something else rather than go to bed and lie awake with my brain going over and over my decision so I broke the Bunuel world order for Michael Haneke. The personal decision and matter are both of equal importance. Suffice to say:

the point where perfectionism becomes a limitation of expressing or revealing one’s abilities is where it becomes a bad tape running in someone’s head;
and the point where doing something in real-time for the world to see – even a small world – if it contains a single mistake, reduces the person to overwhelming feelings of shame – that’s something that needs addressing.
Addressing the broken thing that needs repairing is the first stage towards identifying it as a problem, and initiates repairing it and the process (day by day) of healing.