Day 298: ‘A Very Little Horror Film’ 2018

Day 298

Tuesday 24 April 2018 1.53pm

 ‘A Very Little Horror Film’  2018

A Blumhouse of the Rising Sun Production

Every so often, along comes a film that brings something different or even (unspeakably and wonderfully) new to the horror genre. There’s twenty really great examples. And then there are films like Truth or Dare (2018) which bring a lot of energy to the cumulative effect of ideas. Scream and Saw and Halloween were quite well done. Also Hard Candy. More recently, It, ranks with The Shining.

What sounded like thirty teenagers sitting thirty rows behind me (I’m in row six) wailed and breathed heavily at least twenty times. But the gags were old-hat. Final Destination and Urban Legend and I Know What You Did Last Summer are masterpieces compared with this film.

The saving grace after the disappointment that it couldn’t resolve itself was.. SPOILER… that it was unleashed via the internet – to everyone who knew anyone with an internet account – with a warning. As the pool size – of the world – increased, it means that every time your group says Truth Truth Dare, it will makes it’s way back to YOU for your next Truth or Dare in a couple of hundred years as long as everyone keeps saying Truth (or Dare). Nice end. It takes it from a ** film to a **½ film.