Day 301: ‘Watching the children of Paradise’ 2018

Day 301

Friday 27 April 2018 11.10pm

‘Watching the children of Paradise’   2018

I’m watching the film, Les enfants du paradis (1945) – as in right after pressing Publish – about which I’ve felt uneasy for many months despite not being sure why. At the same time I’ve also been very excited to see it. It’s heading into the unknown. Even moreso when I bought the DVD from JB Hi-Fi three weeks ago and saw that its running time is over three-hours and that it was made in 1945. It makes me wonder where they shot it and where the war was at this particular point in time in France (because it has location scenes with enormous crowds filling the streets). That’s all I know about the film. I don’t even know who directed it, which is unusual. Usually I only know two things about a film: its title and its director (and sometimes a third thing: its length). I have no idea who is in it, where it is set, its premise, whether it’s set in wartime France or whether it is a comedy or drama. I presume it’s a very serious film with serious subject matter based on its title. Here I go.