Day 327: Planning A Thesis

Day 327
Wednesday 23 May 2018  11.55pm
‘Planning a Thesis’  2018

Dear L
I AM writing a book, but before I write the book I’m hoping to negotiate the paths that lead to a Phd. Why I wanted to read your thesis was so I could start thinking about the language I need to develop for an academic work. When you offered to send me the book, that was a bonus.
I’ve spent a year concentrating on viewing 100 films and, I’m guessing, the work of 40 directors. I’ve been writing a blog for 328 days. It’s been – to this point – like a gentle shower of rain that hardly ever gives way to mere clouds. It’s a constant spewing of my thoughts on to the page, without a final proof-read before publishing. I haven’t had the time to hone my writing. The task was big when it started, bigger when it reached the second month, and quickly became an attempt to consume too much rich food in too short a period. It resulted in convulsive-vomiting. Barely digested messages from very rich films resulted in me doing a disservice to my original aim and having daily (wretched) expulsions on to my website. I hoped originally to analyse the film’s content before I posted my response, but the taste of so many delectable treats led to a film-binge, which has now entered the 48th (out of 52) week.
So, the reason for asking to read your thesis was to study the structure and the language you’ve used, because as I ride the Wild Mouse at Luna Park I’m also thinking about how I’m going to rewrite and reorganise the 52-weeks of material, as I force myself to have controlled-vomiting, from 1 July – 31 December 2018, into something – somewhat – coherent.
The blog has become an, ‘I’m-just-trying-to-survive’ series of daily thoughts and daily struggles. It’s nothing like I intended on 1 July 2017.
Thanks for helping by sending me your work. Already, I see a better way forward.

Previous emails after she sent me her PHd thesis and her published book:

Thanks L. If it’s as good as you say it might cure my insomnia. (Joking!)



It just might! Are you writing a book?