Day 34: ‘Sunrise’ 1927 + ‘The Cotton Club’ 1984

‘Sunrise’ 1927

Sunrise is a very interesting film. Again, without context, I struggle to see its greatness. I liked the music score. It made great descriptions of the mood or emotion of several scenes, as well as being beautifully orchestrated.

‘The Cotton Club’ 1984

I’m in the midst of gangster land, murder, music and mayhem, as viewed through the eyes of Coppola & Puzo and Scorsese & Pileggi. It’s The Cotton Club (1984) versus Casino (1995), as secondary films by these first-rate directors’ celebrated masterpieces, The Godfather and Goodfellas (1990). Not to be outdone by my crazy Swedish binge: 9 Bergman films in 11 days, I’ve also watched Coppola’s The Conversation starring Gene Hackman and Murnau’s 1927 Oscar winner for Best Picture, Sunrise.