Day 340: ‘It’s Definitely a Dead Pool, Too’ 2018

Day 340
Tuesday 5 June, 2018
‘It’s Definitely a Dead Pool, Too’   2018

Deadpool 2  (2018)

I’ve seen other dead pools of water and this is one of the least funny and most terrible sequels I’ve sat through. It has nothing in terms of a plot that I would call a plot and wallows in the R-rated language and situations that the first did with  – dare I say it? – hardly contained but – restrained craziness. Deadpool 2 is unrestrained and stupid. I apologise to all those who think it is smart and erudite because from where I’m sitting this film delivered 10% of what the first Deadpool delivered.

Am I still in the land of Sátántangó (1994) and just don’t know it? Have I completely lost the plot, lost touch with reality, because I’m in the middle of a seven-hour film?