Day 355: ‘Wrote about Hawks and Leone’ 2018

Day 355
Wednesday 20 June 2018   10.32pm
‘Wrote about Hawks and Leone’  2018

  • All day was helping the guy doing the podium for the cinema. Just observing and making a few comments and decisions. When I wasn’t doing that I felt a bit out of sorts, like my brain and emotions were disconnected.

  • Had an uneasy feeling all day long like something bad was happening or was just around the corner.

  • After the girls were in bed, I got Woman Under the Influence out of its case to put in the DVD player and Ali said she couldn’t do five in a row, so I put it back and we watched some tv shows instead.

  • I realised that my cinema build had gone terribly wrong due to a lack of 300mm. Obsessed about it all night. Didn’t go to bed.

  • Was up when Adam M arrived back here at 7.45am.

  • What did I do all night? Just writing I guess.

  • About Good Bad Ugly movie.

  • Tonight was a lost opportunity with only 11 days remaining. Dead night.