Day 45: ‘The Communicants’ 1963

‘The Communicants’ 1963

I read somewhere recently that the second film (known in English as Winter Light) in the Faith trilogy is called, “Nattvardsgasterna’. When I did a translation online it came back with a meaning – ‘communion’ and ‘ghost’. A translation is also, ‘The Communicants’. Wrote my essay on Winter Light tonight, 1,134 words. Not a lot, but not inconsiderable.

I published my essay tonight which I mentioned a few days ago, called:

Inside ‘The Outsiders‘ (1983) – The Miracle of Creation

An Essay by Philip Powers 

At first it wouldn’t upload so I just did a word count and it is 4,595 words, maybe that’s why. That’s about ten or eleven pages. I think my hosting plan is just about out of space.

Aaah, wrong, success.

It’s in Essays section. Scroll down and down and down. Navigation isn’t easy. Will have to improve that.