Day 5

Actually, I’ve jumped ahead to watch a crazy film that appeared on one critic’s list, Hellzapoppin’. If I remember correctly, it was a ‘desert island film’ for someone, but I don’t remember who.

A friend and I watched it yesterday afternoon. It was as off-the-wall as anything you could imagine. Besides being Marx Bros and general vaudeville, I mentioned to Dan that I thought it was like a very similar film to the concept of Airplane! Bad puns and misinterpretations – galore – a thousand miles a minute. One moment you’re appreciating a joke 4 seconds ago, 5 seconds late, and then realizing you’ve missed the next joke about the pot-plant.

I am on track with the Buster Keaton week: Sherlock Jr and Our Hospitality next. I’ve got two days left.

Spent the rest of today doing some work to earn a crust, as well as trying to find access to a copy of Pather Panthali and L’eclisse and Nosferatu (1922).