Day 64: The Godfather Part II [1974]

The Godfather Part II [1974]

The day has finally arrived. It’s The Godfather Part II night. Second attempt. The first attempt was a month ago and the damned Blu-Ray would not play. Assembling the same guests again, was harder than finding another copy of the film at my local JB Hi-Fi.

Another couple of kilograms of mince, two handfuls of spaghetti, tomatoes, basil, oregano, two clenched fists of salt and ground black pepper, plus brown sugar – and four hours simmering. Voilà! Add a little red wine – one for the pot and one for the chef.

The guests are here: Grumlevel and Mavis, plus Alicia, Emily and Kate.

The kids are set up watching their own film in Cinema 2, another part of the house, Moana (2016).

I’m pressing play in Cinema 1 of the Marsfield Orpheum (as it is affectionately known).

The Godfather Part II [1974]

Wow. That was something. A film as richly textured and as well written and directed as the first one. I’ve seen it once before, more than two decades ago, and it is just as good as I remember it. An excellent film that ranks up there in all departments, just like the original one. And, although I’ve not had time to digest it and take it all in, I think – already – it clearly sits a notch behind the one made two years earlier under all kinds of additional pressures and difficult circumstances, which this film didn’t have to endure.