Day 70: Dunkirk [2017] + American Made [2017] + It [2017] + the 2nd Terminator [1991]

Dunkirk [2017],

American Made [2017],

& It [2017],

the 2nd Terminator [1991]

Spent the afternoon in a cinema. And it was a happy experience. It gives me less time to write about 2001 and Godfather, the first, and Part II. I feel happy that I can watch It, Terminator 2, a new film about Dunkirk, and not feel like – currently, and for the last thirty years – good cinema is dead, like so many of my film colleagues (and age-bracket) think.

There’s definitely an essay ready for writing about why Pirates 22, Transformers 21 and others, didn’t claim the box office returns the previous incarnations did, and came up short. And why Split, Wonder Woman and Dunkirk and Despicable Me 3 bucked the trend