Day 88: Bresson’s World, Party On

Bresson’s World, Party On

Having ventured so far, I’ve had to acknowledge Bresson’s undeniable genius. I can’t let what happened in week one and two happen again. That week I was drawn into the dark, religious, symbolic, anti-Christian world of meditations on suffering, cries, whispers and silence, and Bergman’s experience of a God who doesn’t interact with mankind. Eleven films in thirteen days. All that I published on the site were two small essays. There are lots of notes but nothing else of substance.

I don’t know what my brain can and can’t hold of the information I’m flooding it with. I’m worried that the memories of my thoughts on each of the films I have seen in the last thirteen weeks will fade before I get to week 53.

So, I’m sorting a couple of essays on various things into some semblance of order. I have a cracker one on Bresson’s six films from 1950-1967. And another cracker on the faults and values of Sight and Sound vs Time Magazine 100 Greatest Film. I am waiting to hear from Time Magazine if I can use their images to illustrate my articles.