Sunday 19 August 2018: Damien Chazelle is Away with the Pixies (2018)

La La Land (2016)

A Damien Chazelle Film

I have been wanting to see this film again for about eighteen months but I haven’t wanted to watch it by myself, and then watch it again, two weeks or just two months later. I never thought I’d have to wait this long to see such a highly regarded film. I wanted my wife to watch it and didn’t want to push it on her. I needed to allow it to be the right time.  Tonight was hopefully the right time. I’ll find out more tomorrow about how good she thought it was.

For me, the film is brilliant. It is a throwback to the crazy musicals of Hollywood when sailors stepped off a boat and launched into song. But, it is also far more than that. It’s a fairly realistic movie love story of two energetic, charismatic, people dreaming of making it big. Neither seem to be driven to make it big in a really big way. They’re content to have a goal, work their way towards it, and hopefully one day become an actress (people respect) or own a jazz club (which people frequent).

It is such a delight film. Read my observations here.