Day 131: Published my ‘A Patch of Red’ Essay on Vertigo [1958] + Modern Times 1936

Published my ‘A Patch of Red’ Essay on Vertigo [1958]

I finished my essay, then proof-read it and published it on my site with a couple of other observations.

Modern Times 1936

One of Chaplin’s four most-respected films. I didn’t know how my Dad would take it tonight when I suggested we follow up last week’s Chaplin with another one – and I was surprised when he was so effusive in his praise, afterwards. It was a very emotional response. He was generous in his praise of all the wonderfully creative ideas that the film displayed.

It had all the creative, mechanical, things I remembered of the factory – which were often laboured – as well as another personal story which I didn’t remember at all.

The gamin was the part of the film which in 2017 was still mesmerizing. She had a life and effervescent energy which commanded the scenes she was in despite the fact she was sometimes – um – overly energetic.