Day 185: A Most Violent Year 2014

A Most Violent Year 2014

Today was a great day catching up with Melbourne friends and talking about movies. Then Rose and Jeff and Ali and I watched a very intriguing thriller by the director of Margin Call (2011) and All is Lost (2013). A Most Violent Year is the first movie for me in 2018.

Then discovered my website has a disturbing warning on it, warning anyone of visiting it: I tried to contact Trend Micro whose product protects my computer to try to find out why or how they can claim my website has been involved in fraud. Weird. And very worrying.

Wrote to customer support:

“My registered email address is confirmed by my product information as philippowers****@gmail. com but when I click “forgot password” it says that email address isn’t registered. I want to know why Trend is giving me Red alert on my own website, saying: “Trend Micro has confirmed that this website. . has been involved in online scams or fraud. How can this be, on On what basis? How?”