Day 197: ‘Different Kinds of Samurai’ 2018

‘Different Kinds of Samurai’ 2018

I did some research on Thursday night into what a universal definition of a Samurai might look like and discovered that what Samurais did through the centuries altered markedly depending on the social and political climate.

I’m very happy with the understanding I’ve arrived at about the Samurai as a soldier, a bodyguard, a military leader, a bureaucrat, a politician or a Ronin, through the centuries.

Some Samurai were more skilled with a quill than a sword, or at the very least equally adept at both.

I don’t want to write anything more about┬ámy adhoc research┬ábecause I did three hours of reading without any legitimate citations. So, what I read could be all codswallop.

Nonetheless, I wrote an essay about Kurosawa’s Samurai.