Day 2: Realisations


#1 I’m bringing old memories to the films I’m watching this year. Even if I’ve seen a film 5 or 6 times, if I haven’t seen that film for 35 years, it could be a vastly different experience now. That’s what I’m hoping for directors like Fellini, Kurosawa and Bergman. I’m hoping that I will understand the greatness of some of their films, for the first time.

#2 I may need to view some of these films two or three times in the one week to really connect with what other people see in them.

#3 This project is bigger than I thought. I’m only on Day 2 and I know now that this not like cooking 300 recipes in one year or reading 50 books in one year. This endeavour, I was certain as I undertook the challenge (self-imposed) was going to be a lot less taxing than others have done. Already, with Film #1, I’m seeing that it is going to involve repeated viewing of some films. As well as analysis.