Day 221: The Tree of Wooden Clogs 1978 + ‘SZ3R is Inbound – It’s not a UFO – visiting PPQ2’ + The Searchers 1956

The Tree of Wooden Clogs 1978

This 2h58m film has been sitting on my horizon for three or four decades. Just as Last Year at Marienbad and The Rules of the Game teased me for decades.

It’s all very well to vote for films you can see (and have seen) that no one else can see, but its an unfair playing field.

For those who get to go to Film Festivals, they can see an array of films most people who work between sunrise and sunset will never see.

The Tree of Wooden Clogs is one of those slow moving films which explores the minutiae of life.  Exceptional because it is a movie, not a documentary.

This film explores the visual details of farming life, in places where subsistence is difficult.

‘SZ3R is Inbound – It’s not a UFO – visiting PPQ2’

This friend has been around for more than twenty-five years. His friendship has been less more than it has been more for most of those years. In the period where I’ve been married to Ali he has been around more because his mother died and we decided to adopt him in as much as we decided to give him a home outside of his home.

After weeks of cancellations and an extended oversees trip, finally, 3R is coming home to visit – a period of more than five months since we saw him last.

The Searchers 1956

The Searchers is one of the mostly highly regarded films ever made and it is also

  • a Western
  • a Hollywood film
  • a John Wayne film
  • directed by John Ford

It has most of the strengths that make all John Ford films distinctive. It also has the few things that makes a John Wayne film less of a John Wayne film and more of a film with a universal story that is familiar to many viewers.

It’s the familiar story of something going wrong which gives a being a thirst for revenge.