Day 228: Berlin Alexanderplatz Episodes 1 and 2 1980 + I Tonya 2017

Berlin Alexanderplatz  Episodes 1 and 2 1980

This had a very long first episode and an hour-long second episode. I have no idea where this story is going. It’s very strange and has a central character experience life outside of prison for the first time in several years. He has some strange experiences and it is very unclear who are his friends and who Eva is. I’ll just keep pressing on. Nothing to write, nothing to express, nothing to say.

In essence I’m fifty-pages into the equivalence of an 800-page novel and the scene is still being set and the characters who will last the journey, still uncertain.


I Tonya 2017

My father and I decided we would see a different film at the same time at the same cinema and then a film together.  The film he saw was Darkest Hour (2017) and I saw I Tonya (2017). Then I drove home and my wife went to see Molly’s Game (2017) with my Dad because I could catch it during a daytime session.

I Tonya was amazing in the way it blended several different styles of filmmaking. It is one of the best films I have ever seen because of the way it combines different ways of dealing with a bio-pic and then finds new ways to tell the story and making it meaningful and effecting. A terrific film. Actually, an exceptional film.