Day 256: Le Mepris 1963

Le Mepris 1963

Third day, third consecutive Godard film, great film.

Really amazing given the depth it has compared with the two previous Godard films I’ve seen. It’s gone Breathless (1960), Vivre da sie (1962) and now a film that is simultaneously superficial and deep, Le Mepris (1963).

Superficial because it deals with the superficial land of Hollywood filmmaking and because of its tribute to Hollywood films, exposing how all the relationships are skin deep. Deep because it deals with emotions between people in relationships, business and professional.

A wonderful, brilliant film, that achieves the ten-out-of-ten on every level. The cinematography, location, editing and continuity are superb. Also the direction. So well-judged. This is exceptional. By far the best of the three Godard films so far. More tomorrow.