Day 282: Last Year at Marienbad – 1st Attempt

Day 282
Saturday 7 April 2018 11.44pm
Last Year at MarienbadĀ  1st Attempt

Last night after writing about The Dressmaker, I chose to play the first 30 minutes of Last Year at Marienbad to get a sense of how it felt. That’s all I planned. I just wanted to get a sense of it as this is a film whose name has been in my mind for decades for many and various reasons. I watched just over thirty-minutes and realised it was beyond comprehension (from 30-minutes) and would require, as I give all films, a complete sitting. I don’t know why I sampled it. It’s not a thing I do. But I did.

I was scared of it, actually, and wanted to know what tomorrow might look like if I watching the entire film. Would it be easy or pleasant or miserable or alienating? It was more of alien and less of easy. At a certain point I pressed pause and shut the system down thinking, I’ll watch the film from start to finish tomorrow night after the 5th birthday party celebration here at my house.