Day 340: Sátántangó – Parts 6 – 7

Day 340
Tuesday 5 June, 2018
Sátántangó – Parts 6 – 7

This afternoon I watched the rest of Disc 2, The Spider’s Function II and the first Chapter on Disc 3: Irimiás Gives a Speech, in a spare hour before my wife and two girls came home, taking my accumulative total to four hours and twenty-five minutes.

The film has suddenly changed from a very quiet film to a film with – not a lot of dialogue – a lot of sound, followed by a sermon, delivered by the hero-cum-anti-hero-cum-spy-cum-Christ-figure. His speech is a very interesting indictment on collective guilt. Maybe the last two-and-a-half-hours will make sense of who he is actually is.

I know! It’s very strange to have gone out and seen a film in a cinema – especially one as commercial, and completely incompatible, when I could have got up an watched another 130-minutes of Sátántangó. But I still couldn’t have completed all seven hours before the family came home so I knew it was always going to be watched in three-parts over 24-hours.