Day 329: ‘Life Beyond the 100 Best Films Project’ 2018

Day 329
Friday 25 May 2018   4.21am
‘Life Beyond the 100 Best Films as Music is my Bread & Butter’ 2018

Hey D and M

I’ve been working on a document which summarises the things I pitched and we chatted about on Tuesday. I’ve sent you a email – don’t worry about the formal approach – just in case you want to use the email as well as the attachments as part of your pitch to the Board.

It wasn’t until 1am that I was able to start on this because of other things, but I sent the email to Dave a couple of minutes ago – like 4am. Luckily tomorrow doesn’t get busy until the afternoon. But, I’m used to working late, until the job is done.

Love your work and hope to collaborate soon.