Day 346: ‘Lost My Shoah Essay Due to a Thoughtless Keystroke’ 2018

Day 346
Monday 11 June, 2018   6.30am
‘Lost My Shoah Essay Due to a Thoughtless Keystroke’  2018

I’m still rewriting the words I wrote on Shoah Part 1 and 2 which I lost three hours ago in a computer-slash-human malfunction. It was more human than computer. I pressed control x to do a cut and passed and then saw something else I wanted to cut and paste elsewhere and pressed control x again. I didn’t realise the implications of those two keystrokes immediately. A few minutes later I realised that the control x of the last keystroke erased what was in memory in cut and paste. It was about five thousand words I’d written about Shoah in what would normally become my notes on the film, which I will fashion into an essay at a later time.