It’s Incredible, Too 2018 A few observations by Philip Powers

‘It’s Incredible, Too’  2018

The Incredibles 2  (2018)
A Brad Bird Film

The Incredibles is a family favourite. It’s a clever film. One of Pixar‘s best films. It’s not quite at the level of Toy Story 1 and 2, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. It’s above Monsters, Inc and probably level with Cars. It’s certainly above all of the other Pixar films. But that’s not surprising because Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles and Ratatouille is a genius. He uses that genius to craft a well-thought out sequel. It’s not the best sequel from Pixar. Toy Story 2 is the best. Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory are the next best (which rather irrelevantly makes Toy Story 3 number 4, Monsters University number 5 or 7, Cars 2 number 5 or 6 and Cars 3 equal number 6 or 7 – or number 5).

The Incredibles 2 is very clever. Very well-done. A lot of attention to detail. Even my daughter liked it and she loved #1 and wasn’t sure anyone could top it. [And she’s seven, going on thirteen, so she knows a lot of stuff that I don’t know and I’m – a lot older.]

What it does well, is show development in family dynamics as Dash and Violet want to learn the family trade. It also cleverly delays showing the effects of what we know the babysitter went through in Jack-Jack-Attack, my personal favourite Pixar. It hold off, holds off, and then gives you Jack’s seventeen different super powers in about the same, or less, number of minutes.

It also has balance-of-power at issue between the most incredible of The Incredibles, Mr Incredible. He has to learn to live with being Mr Second-Most Incredible. He’s Bob, a stay at home dad, itching to get into the action, while Helen – who has the natural instinct to find tidier solutions to incredible problems – Elastic-Momma – gets all the glory.

Is this a post-Harvey Weinsten rewrite to right the wrongs of the men who dominate and control Hollywood? I think so.

It is incredible, just not as credible as The Incredibles. It has some very fine lines and amusing visual jokes once Jack-Jack starts attacking and the diabolical villain is revealed.

A solid #.%